A Place That Doesn't Exist, 2017

Artist Performance Statement


It began in 2014.

Since then,

Internal spaces related to dreams

Dreams focused on the activities within

The activities became performance

Performance turned into a document

A repetitive desire

To continue on.


Befallen into A Place That Doesn’t Exist

Through closed eyes

Contoured lines

Cut one by one.

Layer on layer.

Whole vs hole.


I make my way in

Not to be fooled

For only a few are temporary.


I visit these places at all times

Seeing behind my eyelids

Nothing entirely surprising

I investigate,  I obsess.

I try to channel and control the sort of activity

That I have bonded myself to


These shapes scatter across my mind

They stack up and pile

Or they hide in pages

Only found days weeks months later.


Perhaps this place is only a manifestation

Perhaps I have become so obsessed that I’ve convinced myself that there is an end and I can find an answer.

But It has taught me that the investigation will never end

The possibilities to decipher the shapes doesn’t stop

Am I fooling myself?

For the sensation that I am longing for was only temporary

That Blue. That Electric Blue.

Pumping out and back in. Over and over.

Then disappeared.

I have never seen anything quite like it.


That blue...I saw as a child.

When I woke up from my sleep I thought I was dreaming

But those blue dots turned into a blue figure

That Blue Figure

Something told me to follow it and I did.

It disappeared before my eyes

I remember it so vividly.

Perhaps that is my connection to the blue

There was something so chilling

To think that a color can be alive and move

Without being tangible


You are probably asking yourself why should this matter

Why this closed eye obsession?

Into what you… no what I believe to be an exploration

Into a place that even I cannot understand

A Place That Doesn’t Exist

Yet To Say Something Important, 2017

Spray paint, colored pencil, and stucco on gatorboard

34in x 41in

Closed Eyes #1, 2017

Micron pen on paper

3 ¼in x 5 ¼in

Stacking, 2017

Micron pen and colored pencil on paper

5 ½in x 8 ½in

Closed Eyes #2, 2017

Micron pen on paper

3 ¼in x 5 ¼in

Chamber, 2017

Spray paint, colored pencil, stucco, lint,and sand on gatorboard

14in x 36in

Ore, 2017

Spray paint and fabric on Gifted plywood

10 ¼in x 7 ½in

Way In, 2017

Chosen plywood

23 ½in x 47 ¾in

Vital, 2017

Micron and colored pencil on paper

5 ½in x 8 ½in

Summon, 2017

Acrylic on hardboard

5in x 6 ¼in

Descent, 2017

Acrylic on hardboard and gatorboard

17 ½in x 27in

Fuss, 2017

Acrylic on hardboard

11 ¾in x 7 ½in

Odds and Ends, 2017

Canvas, velvet, linen, and stone paper

6ft x 4ft

The One That Has Yet To Surface, 2017

Velvet on panel

35 ½in x 48in

Befall, 2017

Found white painted carpet on panel

24 ½in x 33 ¼in

Nothing Entirely Surprising, 2017

Performance documentation, projected installation, plywood,and micron on cut-out paper

8ft x 10ft (full) 21in x 33 in x 31in (plywood box)