Give Away, 2017

Starry Night Residency Program in Truth or Consequences, NM

During March 2017, I attended the Starry Night Residency Program in Truth or Consequences, NM. Instead of spending my visit hiking the trails of the desert, I walked amongst the town opening myself up to strangers. I began by introducing myself and what I was doing in Truth or Consequences. After mentioning the act of biting paper, the individual would become curious asking questions as to why this activity. I explained that there is an intimacy I was interested in capturing through bite marks. The intimacy was amplified when I began to bite stone paper in front of them. I maintained eye contact, sharing a moment with a stranger. Some believed it to be a portrait of themselves, as others believed to find other symbols in the marks. I had given this 2.5" x 4" piece of bitten paper to the person to keep. I allowed myself to connect, share, and let go to controlling the places my artwork ends up. Ultimately, leaving my mark on individuals in ways I had not before this performance.